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LC Engineering offers clients more than 52 years of combined expertise in civil engineering and land surveying . Architects, general contractors, land developers, and property owners can choose from a broad range of civil engineering and land surveying services for their land development and public improvement projects.

Clients benefit from cost-effective solutions derived through a combination of experience as well as investments in the latest hardware and software technology. LC Engineering expertise spans the following areas:

  • Technical Expertise. Extensive civil engineering and land surveying expertise including the planning, design, mapping, construction, permitting, and management of projects ranging from roads, bridges, retaining walls, multi-residential communities, commercial land developments, as well as home construction and improvements.
  • Project Management Expertise. Proven track record of meeting project objectives on time, and within budget, through regular design, work product, and progress reviews.
  • Regulatory Expertise. Extensive experience with regulatory agencies streamlines the design approval process.
  • Legal Support Expertise. Experience providing expert witness support based on evidentiary findings, best practices and a thorough understanding of the legal process pertaining to civil engineering and land surveying matters.