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Founded in 1997, LC Engineering has a proven track record for providing civil engineering and land surveying services to clients residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. LC Engineering’s experienced civil engineers and land surveyors help residential, commercial, and government clients in the planning, design, mapping, construction, and management of their projects.

Experience: LC Engineering’s team of civil engineering and land surveying project management professionals offers clients more than 25 years experience in their respective disciplines. This enables LC Engineering to deliver customer engagements on time and within budget, meeting both project objectives as well as local regulatory agency requirements, saving both time and money.

Projects: Throughout their professional careers, LC Engineering’s team of registered civil engineers, and licensed land surveyors have worked successfully on both public sector and private sector projects including the construction and improvement of residential homes, multi-acre estates, residential sub-divisions, bridges, roads, highways, as well as other commercial buildings and properties. LC Engineering's team of professionals also has extensive experience with city (City of San Jose), county, state (California Department of Water Resources), and Federal agencies (FEMA).

Philosophy: LC Engineering is committed to cultivating and sustaining long term relationships with partners and clients. In addition, LC Engineering adheres to the principles of accuracy, accountability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Clients: LC Engineering clients include architects, general contractors, government agencies, and property owners residing in the San Francisco Bay Area in cities in Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Alameda County, and Santa Cruz Country.